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CTCMath allows for Flexibility in Homeschool Math

CTCMath allows for Flexibility in Homeschool Math
I received the curriculum for review purposes and was compensated for my time. All opinions expressed are my own.

Individualized education, that's one of the big perks when it comes to homeschooling. I know it is one my family uses on a yearly basis. No all-in-one curricula here; they just don't fit. Most of the time my kids are working a bit ahead as far as math is concerned, but there are also times when they need to slow down to fully grasp the information.

This has been very true over the past couple of years, my eldest daughter has made her current math level last an entire two years! She was and still is ahead, but she definitely came to a point where she had to slow down.

This is not a huge problem with book curriculum, you can just slow down as needed, but with online curriculum where you pay each year this can be a problem, and the opposite can be even more of a problem.

When you have a child gifted in math and they race through lessons you can find yourself buying new curriculum halfway through the year! 

CTCMath Homeschool Family Membership brings this needed flexibility to homeschool math.

CTCMath is a Flexible Math Curriculum

How is CTCMath a Flexible Curriculum

As I mentioned above, my eldest daughter has spent two years at the same level in math. You see she struggled with fractions for a while, but luckily with CTCMath we had the ability to go back and go through the earlier grades on the same topic. This is one of the big benefits to using CTCMath. All grades are accessible at all times. 

So if you need to slow down you can. If you need to go back and review, you can. If you need to cover 2 years in a single year, you can without having to buy another curriculum. 

CTCMath Homeschool Family Membership is the ultimate in flexibility.

Kids work at their own pace with CTCMath.

Another Way CTCMath Provides Flexibility

CTCMath is an online math curriculum, so you might guess that it would include video lessons followed by problems to solve, and you would be right. The video instruction is kept short and to the point, so it is not overwhelming the student's time. Read more about why we think CTCMath is an excellent homeschool math curriculum in this review, and see for yourself with a FREE TRIAL!

However, even with the short lessons, we still struggle with attention problems when we hit the problems. One thing I love about CTCMath is that they offer an worksheet you can print out and then input the answers rather than solving the problems on the computer. Working math problems on a worksheet has proven much less distracting than trying to do so on a screen, and the set-up of the worksheets makes entering answers quick and easy.

CTCMath has printable worksheets for easily distracted kids.

Worksheets also make it easier to take the work with you if you need to be away from the computer or if you have several kids needing to use the same computer. 

Plus the online program still does the grading for you which is a huge time saver for busy, homeschool moms. 

Aside from worksheets, CTCMath also offers speed drills and a times table game for extra practice.

CTCMath offers a fun Times Table practice game for those who learn through games.

Parental Controls also Result in Flexibility

Like other curricula, CTCMath allows parents to delete grades and have the child go through that lesson a second (or third or fourth...) time. It also allows you to set the pass point for the lessons rather than defaulting to 60%. 

Flexible parent controls on CTCMath.

Another feature CTCMath Homeschool Family Membership provides parents is the ability to assign a variety of tasks along with lessons. These include additional question banks and tests for any lesson your child needs to spend a little extra time on.

CTCMath also allows you to add more practice problems and tests for individual students.

All of these features make CTCMath Homeschool Family Membership a great option for all homeschool families, but especially so for large families with a variety of needs. We personally will have one in algebra, one in pre-algebra, and one in fourth grade this year all for one family fee. Having a family based pricing structure rather than an individual student price means CTCMath is a very family friendly homeschool math option! 

Be sure to grab your FREE TRIAL HERE! Or grab a full year at half price by using this LINK!

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