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Enlarging Your Child's World with Easy Enrichment

Enlarging Your Child's World with Easy Enrichment

I was given a free subscription for purposes of this review, but all opinions expressed are my own.

Reading, writing, and arithmetic, check, check, check, but what about the fun? What about all the enrichment you intended to do, but you never have time to plan? Is it missing? I know the fun is often left out in our homeschool. Between trying to teach all the kids core subjects to driving kids to extra curriculars to keeping up with chores, time just seems to vanish! 

Enriched Kids offers a way to bring some more engagement to your home whether you are homeschooling or just want some extra quality time with your kids after school. 

Character Building, Nature Study, and Nutrition in one digital subscription

With Enriched at Home you receive a digital module monthly to add to your family life in 3 different areas. 

3 Parts of the Enriched at Home Monthly Kit

  • Social and Emotional Learning
  • Nature Activities
  • Nutrition with Recipes

During each month, these areas will each focus on a specific topic allowing you to go more in depth over the course of the month. 

Benefits to Using Enriched at Home with Your Kids 

  • Preplanned
  • Grow positive character traits
  • Inspire exploration of the natural world
  • Encourage healthy eating
  • Better relationships with your kids
  • Easier homeschool planning

Enriched Kids allows you to spend your extra time with your kids instead of planning activities to do with your kids. This means you don't have to scour Pinterest for activities or try to think of age appropriate activities or topics. It is all done for you including literature suggestions. 

The S.E.L.F. or Social and Emotional Learning for Families section of the modules encourages the whole family to learn about and develop a specific character trait for the month after all social and emotional knowledge is key when kids interact with others in their world!

This character development information is not limited to defining it, but also giving specific examples, activities, and even books that display the trait. They also include worksheets to help gauge progress for the whole family.  Having whole family involvement will encourage kids to act more on the information they learn.

Learning about initiative with the whole family by making goals.

Not only do kids need to know how to interact with other people in their world, but they need to learn more about the actual world they are in. This is easily accomplished with nature study, and the nature section has it all laid out for you including information sheets about the monthly spotlight as well as 4 simple activities to get your kids in nature. These include hands-on activities as well as nature journaling activities that will help kids learn to sit and appreciate the world around them. There are also fun facts and additional activities you can use if your kids have a particular interest.

Nature journaling with a spotlight on birds.

Another area of the world many kids need enlarged is their diet! Most kids love mac and cheese and chicken nuggets, but we know those aren't best for them! The nutrition section of Enriched at Home is created by a holistic nutritionist and focuses on a particular area of health each month. It also includes 2 new recipes to try over the month that contribute to the area of interest. When the kids help prepare recipes they take pride in it and are more likely to eat it! 

Cooking with kids helps kids appreciate more foods.

Obviously by utilizing Enriched Kids you will be spending more quality time with your kids which can only lead to better relationships between you and your kids along with new appreciation for the world we live in!  

Having a kindergartener at home, I can also see a big benefit in how Enriched at Home can also help with your homeschool planning. It can easily serve as a science spine for the preschool and kindergarten crowd.  After all Enriched at Home provides a preplanned topic with appropriate activities add some more books on the nature topic, and you have an early elementary science curriculum! 

Who is Enriched Kids For?

If you have a child between preschool and sixth grade who you want to spend more time with, Enriched Kids is for you. Whether you homeschool, private school, or public school, Enriched at Home makes it easy to improve your relationship with your child while improving their character, increasing their knowledge, and encouraging good health. Plus, some of the activities will benefit the whole family! 

Enrich your home with character building, nature study, and nutrition

Who is Enriched at Home NOT For?

This program is so flexible that I think they only people who will not benefit from it would be those who have older kids as most of the activities are geared towards younger kids. However, if you have both older and younger kids, there are some things, especially the Social and Emotional for Families that can still be beneficial! 

Want to give Enriched at Home a try? Check out their membership here.

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