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Helping Kids Overcome a Grumpy Day

Helping Kids Overcome a Grumpy Day

 Who as hasn't dealt with a grumpy day? We all have them. Even our kids have grumpy days. And we all have to learn how to deal with the grumpiness and make the best of the day!

This can definitely be a hard lesson for kids (and adults alike) especially if you have little choice in what you have to do that day. Finding something to help cheer you up and help you through the day is a must!

Printable to help kids overcome grumpiness

What if you could even get rid of what was causing your grumpiness? That is what Zoey and Sassafras deal with in the book Grumplets and Pests

The grumplets show up and make everyone grumpy and as a result not very nice to each other. Zoey must use her thinking goggles to get rid of the grumplets! 

It would be nice if we could look at our own bad mood and see little grumplets that we could get rid of especially since they are oh so cute. Just looking at the cute grumplets would surely make you feel a little better. 

But it isn't that simple for us. There are of course some things even a child can do to help them through a grumpy mood. Be sure to scroll all the way through to grab your download. 

Ways to Help a Bad Mood

First you have to try to identify if there is a reason you are grumpy. Are you hungry? Sleepy? Sad about something? Frustrated with what you are working on? There are lots of options, but there are a few things that can help.

  • Take a deep breath to get more oxygen to your brain, so you can think more clearly about the situation.
  • Have a snack if you are hungry.
  • Take a nap if you are sleeping and time allows. If you can't, exercise may help wake you up instead.
  • Just take a break if you are frustrated. Work on something else or just do nothing for a few minutes to gather your thoughts.
  • Talk to someone. This can help with lots of grumpy causes!
  • Get a hug! Have someone nearby you can hug? Or maybe a pet or loved stuffed animal. Hugs definitely help fight grumpy days. 

It can be hard to think about all the options you have when you are in the middle of what seems like a crisis, so I have a cute little printable kids can use as a reminder of what they can do when they are letting grumplets take over. It you go over it with your kids they should soon be able to recognize what the pictures mean on their own.

And because taking a break is one thing that can help during those grumpy days, I have a couple coloring pages for some down time. My youngest specifically asked for coloring pages, so I will pass them on to you too!

Hopefully these can help you and your little ones have fewer grumpy days! 

Printables to help kids on a grumpy day

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