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Introduce Kids to Entomology with a Free Printable Insect Hunt

Introduce Kids to Entomology with a Free Printable Insect Hunt
I received a copy of the book, Evelyn the Adventurous Entomologist, in exchange for an honest review.

Do you have a kid who is always catching bugs to observe? Or maybe you have a kid who is scared of bugs? Either way, encouraging them to learn more about the insects around them could be a good solution!

Book for the Budding Entomologist
(or anyone who needs encouragement to follow their heart)

I myself have a daughter who is in love with bugs. She has been since she first saw a bee hive at the zoo. She started learning about entomology as soon as she was old enough in 4H, and she has since collected a rather large collection of insects!

When I saw Innovation Press was publishing Evelyn, the Adventurous Entomologist, I knew it had to come live with my daughter. 

This book tells the story of Evelyn Cheesman, the first female curator at the London Zoo. What did she curate? Insects of course! She may not have set out to become an entomologist, but she fell in love with what she did, and she didn't let anyone stop her! Even when she was out of place because she was a woman, even when they told her it wasn't safe, she persisted.

This determination is one I want my kids to learn. At some point they will also come against someone who tries to change their dreams, I think we all have, but I want them to persist. 

Learning about Insects with a Printable Scavenger Hunt

And if they want to learn about insects I want to encourage them. 

To help encourage your insect lovers further their interest I am offering a Free Printable Insect Hunt below. 

This printable lists 7 common orders of insects along with examples and some defining characteristics. 

Orders Included:

  • Lepidoptera 
  • Odonata
  • Coleoptera
  • Hymenoptera
  • Diptera
  • Orthoptera
  • Hemiptera

Use it to help identify insects or send kids out to see who can find the most orders first!

Maybe your kids are more nervous about bugs. Reading about bugs and then hunting them down and studying them could be what they need to get past it. Even if they are never bug lovers, maybe this could at least let them live peacefully with insects of all sorts. 

Other Ways to Encourage the Budding Entomologist

  • Lots of books about the bugs they love. As well as books about entomologists like Evelyn, the Adventurous Entomologist!
  • Encourage them to catch bugs to observe.
  • If you are observing them, make sure they do the research to keep them alive (what do they eat, where do they like to live, etc.)
  • If you are prepared for it, allow them to freeze the bugs and pin them to start a collection. Be sure to label each one!
And be sure to download the Free Insect Scavenger Hunt, and you will be set when you need a quick outdoor activity for your insect lover!

I love for people to download my work, but you may not host it anywhere or redistribute. Please direct people wishing to use it to this post! 

Download: Insect Scavenger Hunt

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