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My Review of the Official (and adorable) Laura Ingalls Doll

My Review of the Official (and adorable) Laura Ingalls Doll
I knew as soon as I was selected to review this Laura Ingalls Wilder doll I would have a fight on my hands. After all, while my girls have yet to be interested in dolls, they are big fans of the Little House books! (I received this doll in exchange for my honest review.)

Review of the Official Laura Ingalls Doll

Ever since reading the entire Little House series aloud when my oldest was 5, they have loved Laura, Mary, and baby Carrie. My oldest loved Laura most though (she probably saw similarities in herself); she even had a Little House themed Birthday! This year, my oldest has become even more interested in the pioneer days of American History, and this Laura Ingalls doll from The Queen's Treasures is a great way to introduce the time period!

Luckily when the doll arrived the girls were still doing some school work, so I got to take a look at her first!

Features of the Laura Ingalls Doll

  • Soft, loveable body
  • Vinyl arms, legs that move at the shoulder and hip
  • Vinyl head with eyes that open and close
  • Soft hair in the classic Laura braids
  • Freckles

Accessories included with the Laura Ingalls Doll

Laura comes in a window box similar to other 18 inch dolls I have seen, but once you take her out and flip the box over it becomes a bed. She comes dressed for bed in her white nightgown and bonnet, and she is packing her own doll, Charlotte, around of course. Her quilt and pillow are included as well. Her box also includes a color page, so you can customize her little room.

How did my kids like the Laura Ingalls Doll

After a billion questions about what is in the box, but before I let them open her box, I let them know that if I heard any fighting, their baby sister was going to get what was in the box. They lifted the lid, and to my surprise, there was no fighting!

Review of the Laura Ingalls Doll

They admired her braids, her doll, and of course, her freckles. In fact, they started looking at each other to see if they had any freckles.

Review of the Official Laura Ingalls Doll

They pulled out her bed and laid her on it. That's when they noticed her eyes open and close! They quickly made a deal that they would take turns sleeping with her each night, and they have kept to their compromise.

The Laura doll also has an entire line of cute accessories made just for her. Of course, she has an old-fashioned, pioneer outfit you can buy that includes a dress with matching bonnet and apron, but you can also get her dog, horse, and even a covered wagon! To see the full line of accessories click HERE.

Review of the Official Laura Ingalls Doll

The Best Part of the Laura Ingalls Doll

My favorite part about this doll is that not only is she a book character, but she was a real person who lived an amazing life, and the Laura Ingalls doll is definitely a way to bring a piece of American history to life for your child! Find more information about Laura's life and the time period she lived in at Little House on the Prairie.

Purchase your Laura Ingalls doll and accessories at The Queen's Treasures or Target, and enter to win one below!

Someone will win the complete Laura Ingalls Doll Collection  from The Queen's Treasures along with a complete Little House on the Prairie DVD Set! Enter below!

If your children have not read The Little House on the Prairie Series yet, I highly suggest they do! It is also a wonderful read aloud, and I am sure the whole family will fall in love with Laura.


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