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Cloud Dough (Flour and Oil) Sensory Bin Challenge

Cloud Dough (Flour and Oil) Sensory Bin Challenge

Remember the Sensory Bin Challenges from Little Bins for Little Hands? I never got around to doing the sand one from last month; in fact, I still haven't found my sand since we moved, but we definitely wanted to play with Cloud Dough this month!

It has been a while since we made any cloud dough around here. The first time we made it we used flour and baby oil, but this time I tried it with vegetable oil in the same amounts (8 C flour to 1 C oil). I preferred the feel of the baby oil, but the kids didn't seem to care.  You can read a little about the girls first experience with cloud dough HERE.

As you could see we were pretty much child led the first time too, and at that point they just used their hands. This time they all chose to add some toys after their initial observations. At first they thought it was just crumbly until they squeezed it! Then they saw it was mold-able as well!

The girls, like always, headed for ponies. I am starting to see a trend in our challenges.... Eli, however, chose construction equipment. All of them were pretending it was snow!

The girls were more worried about making up a story with the ponies and a terrible snow they got stuck in. Eli was content to push it around and dig with it.

It is amazing how long they entertained themselves with the Cloud Dough! Of course the kitchen was covered, but that just meant they got to practice their sweeping skills!

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