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Shaving Cream Combines Process Art and Sensory Fun

Shaving Cream Combines Process Art and Sensory Fun

Most kids love messy projects, and mine are no exception. Finger paint alone is fun, but when you combine it with shaving cream you have a fun process art project and an awesome sensory experience!

Supplies for Sensory Print Making

How to Make Picture Prints Using Shaving Cream

Start by taping your freezer paper, shiny side up, to your painting surface. We used painters tape, but masking tape works too.

Now squirt on some shaving cream to start the fun. Kids can smear it around the freezer paper and squish it in their hands. It is nice and cools, so this alone is great sensory fun even for the bigger kids.

Then add some finger paints (ours are courtesy of  CraftProjectIdeas.com).  Once the kids have squished and smeared the paint throughout the shaving cream, you can have them draw in the fluffy paint with fingers or Q-tips. This is also a fun way to practice writing letters if your kiddo is at that stage.

Once they are happy with their drawing you can gently position heavy paper over the design. Press down slightly and lift directly up to see the print of their drawing.

Then they can spread the paint out and draw again.

It was a great time to talk with the girls about reflections too which were especially obvious when they would write their names in the paint, but their names would be backwards on the prints. We even tried writing our names backwards to get them the right way on the prints!

Overall, they loved the messy, sensory fun of the shaving cream and finger paint combination. Plus the freezer paper made the clean up so much easier!

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