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The house we just moved into has an unfinished basement, so until we get it finished, the kids have all their foam letters on the floor to play on. One day they said something about their being 2 of each letters, but the letters looked different. Apparently each set of foam letters has a different font.

For some reason this prompted a game of find the letter in the appropriate font (square or swirly). Daddy called out the letter and the font, and the kids tried to be the first one to hop on it. Even Eli played, but he just tried to hop on the right letter in either font. 

At one point Daddy decided to be ornery and call out the letter that I was standing on which prompted much searching, eventually even from me, until I stepped off the letter.

It was pretty funny when they all went for the same letter and collided. Of course they never hit each other hard enough to hurt, and it always resulted in giggling! I am pretty sure they would have played all day if we hadn't had somewhere else to be!

Now they ask to play it each time we are all in the basement! It is so funny how simple things turn out to be favorites! What active ways have you practiced letters with your child?

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