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Kid-Made Tissue Paper Stained Glass Window

Kid-Made Tissue Paper Stained Glass Window

The Cold, gray days of winter can drag on when you can't go outside. Most recently the threat of freezing rain kept us in, so I decided to brighten things up (at least for a little while) and keep the kids busy for quite a while.

I started by cutting up many colors of tissue paper into rectangles, triangles, and other random shapes.  

Then I showed the kids how they could quickly (I mean quickly too or it falls apart) dip the paper in water and stick it to the window or use a t paintbrush to paint it onto the window.  They got a kick out of covering the glass, so no one could see in the door. They worked and then they played and then they worked on it some more.

They worked on it on and off into the early afternoon. I finished the top, and then they finished the bottom.

And it was complete! Our colorful faux stained glass door!

As long as the tissue is wet it stays up, but once it dries it will fall off. I knew it was falling off, but I was not expecting the huge downpour when I opened the inside door the next morning, I wish I had my camera then! Makes cleaning the door very easy, but picking up the tissue takes some time. I stuck ours all back in the box, so we could do it again some dreary day!

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