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Colorful Foaming Table for Sensory Fun

Colorful Foaming Table for Sensory Fun

Do you love baking soda and vinegar eruptions? If not, you may be in the wrong place because we love them here.

In fact, I personally love them so much I created this huge eruption in our water table. 

Secretly, I wanted it to be so big it overflowed, but the thought of that mess made me scale it back.

So, for part of our New Year's Eve Countdown, I included this Colorful Foaming Water Table (that stayed in the table).

This was a super easy activity to set up, but it produced lots of excitement, especially when colors started appearing!

Supplies for a Colorful Foaming Water Table

Simple Steps to a Colorful Foaming Water Table

1. Squirt liquid food coloring in the water table.

2. Cover with enough baking soda to conceal the color.

I had to make sure the girls weren't around for that or it would have ruined the colorful surprise!

3. Add vinegar.

Once we had popped the balloon that contained our foaming water table, I armed the girls with glasses of vinegar and gave the jug to Nathan. He poured the jug down the tube, and they poured their little glasses wherever they wanted (in the table of course).

 As the foam began the colors appeared. 

Each time the foam stopped, we adding more vinegar in a different spot trying to find all the buried colors. Once a pocket of baking soda was hit, up came the new foamy color before it mixed with the rest.

Even after the foam was gone, they all insisted on getting their hands in it. They really enjoyed playing with the undissolved baking soda at the bottom of the table for some reason.

In fact it was so much fun that we had to try it again the next day! Got some better pictures of the colors in the light too! Green, yellow, red, blue, purple...we saw them all!

This giant baking soda/ vinegar eruption was so incredible!

Just poor vinegar in one spot and watch a new, colorful batch of bubbles cover the icky colored liquid beneath! And it was always a surprise which color it would be!

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