Cursive and Print Letter Matching Duplo Blocks

23 January

Last spring the girls requested that they learn to write in "curly" (aka cursive) this year. So with the start of school this year came the star of cursive. We learned the lower case letters first, and up until now they pretty well resemble their print equivalents. However f threw them for a loop. They could write it but they could not remember what letter they were writing! Knowing the uppercase letters were going to be even harder, I dug out the Duplos and some stickers to write letters on.  Secretly I have been waiting for a reason to use this little trick!

On one set of blocks I wrote cursive letters and on the other set I wrote print letters. I didn't have enough blocks to do entirely separate sets for upper and lowercase, So on one side I wrote the lower case and on the other the uppercase letter.

I handed them over to the girls, and they had a great time matching them up. They have to look at the letters on the wall for some of them, but with practice they will figure it out. They are also good practice for putting things in alphabet order! I know they will be great time filler when one of them is waiting while I help the other too!

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