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Easier Homeschool Record Keeping with BookShark Virtual

Easier Homeschool Record Keeping with BookShark Virtual

  I was compensated for my time and provided with a copy of this curriculum for review purposes, but all opinions expressed are my own.

Like most homeschool parents I know, record keeping is the worst part of homeschooling. I am always on the lookout for things that make grading and record keeping easier. After all this one of the main reasons we switched to an online math program. The thought of being able to grade and record in the same place is very appealing, and that is just what BookShark Virtual does. 

BookShark Virtual simplifies homeschool recordkeeping by  storing grades and creating portfolios for the BookShark subjects you're using.

We recently began using BookShark Science with my son, so trying out the virtual option was a must!

What is BookShark Virtual

BookShark Virtual is not a replacement for the book based curriculum; let's just get that straight now. Instead it was created to improve the experience with the regular curriculum and is available for all their curriculum levels and subjects. 

Instead of being a rehash of their curriculum, it is instead an interface to allow the teacher more freedom without strenuous record keeping as well as providing the student with the opportunity to work independently. It also allows for communication between the two. 

How BookShark Virtual Improves Homeschooling

My main concern is keeping track of records and grades, and BookShark Virtual does this for you. As the teacher, you select what your student has access to; this includes modules, as well as assignments and quizzes. You can use the premade activity sheets and quizzes that are available for your subject level or choose to customize them.

As the teacher, you can also give the student time limits on the assignments and change how much of the total grade each is worth.

Parents have complete control on BookShark Virtual.

Modules are then assigned to the student once you publish them. By publishing them when your student is ready for them you not only have time to customize, but it can also prevent the student from getting overwhelmed by seeing everything they are expected to do within the year. 

The student can then download the sheets to complete or complete quizzes in the app (whichever is applicable). The assignments can then be uploaded for grading. Some assignments are graded by the program, but others require manual grading. Even when grading manually, BookShark virtual will allow you to make comments to the student and store the grade.

BookShark Virtual simplifies homeschool recordkeeping by  storing grades and creating portfolios for the BookShark subjects you're using.

The grading aspect is great, but even more amazing is the option to make a portfolio. Choose your students best work and assemble into an online portfolio that can be shared.

BookShark Virtual will even put together a portfolio for you!
Really there are so many incredible tools available for parents in BookShark virtual. Plus it works on desktop and mobile devices! 

An Overlooked Positive Aspect of BookShark Virtual 

Like I said, I was totally in this for the grades aspect, but I found the set-up of BookShark Virtual also encourages independence in students. 

The student account is separate from the parent account, and as I mentioned earlier the parent chooses what to show the student at any given time. But since the accounts are separate the student can learn to login and access their schedule, complete their assignments and quizzes, and even communicate with their teacher. 

BookShark Virtual fosters independence in homeschool students.

All of these things push the student into taking more responsibility for their assignments leading to greater confidence and independence, and isn't that the ultimate goal! 

All of these features make BookShark Virtual an incredibly powerful tool for the homeschool parent, and the more BookShark subjects you use, the more valuable it will be. 

BookShark Virtual fosters independence in homeschool students.

The best way to understand BookShark Virtual is to try it yourself. The first three weeks of every Virtual course are available for free just like the Instructor's Guide samples always have been.

Watch the demo videos to get your bearings, and then take it for a spin. Let your child take a peek, too!

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