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Independent Teens find WriteShop an Easy, Homeschool Writing Curriculum

Independent Teens find WriteShop an Easy, Homeschool Writing Curriculum

     I was compensated for my time and provided with a copy of this curriculum for review purposes, but all opinions expressed are my own.

Writing is the one subject that eludes me in teaching in my homeschool. I have never enjoyed writing instruction, and the idea of grading someone else's writing is daunting! So, it has been avoided a bit in our homeschool. My older kids have had some experience writing essays, but nothing that takes them through the complete writing process, and nothing I have evaluated too in depth. 

But now that they are teens, writing has to happen. And with it, evaluating writing has to happen. 

I cringe just typing that. 

I was pleasantly surprised to learn WriteShop I includes information on how to edit and evaluate your child's writing, and not only that, they want kids to learn to edit their own writing before turning in their work instead of relying on parents or teachers. This is a curriculum, I needed to check out!

WriteShop offers online, video instruction which makes writing palatable for independent homeschool teens and parents!

Why WriteShop is a Great Teen Writing Option

One of the best things about WriteShop I is that it walks through each step of each project. It includes a skill builder for the skill they are practicing followed by brainstorming and a rough draft (or sloppy copy) and so on. This helps teens especially organize the steps in their brain and is much less overwhelming then saying, "write a paragraph on seasons." 

WriteShop I video course for homeschool

Next let me talk about the optional video lessons. If you are like me and terrified of teaching writing, the video lessons are NOT optional. Just get them. I promise it is worth it to not have to try to teach yourself; plus you can watch along with your teen or on your own, so you know exactly what they should be working on. The videos are not long, so you and your teen won't have to plan long periods on time to fit them in. Plus, your teen's attention span will last the entire time! 

These online, video instructions walk the kids through the information they are learning and tell them exactly what part of the writing process they need to work on. The complexity of writing is broken down and the steps reinforced with each project. You can step back and wait to evaluate their writing. 

Plus the videos have just been revamped to work perfectly with the latest 5th edition. However, they will also work with previous editions, so no sweat if you are using an earlier edition. Just grab the new video course (which never expires) and go!

Having online instruction is also helpful for those independent teens out there who want to take control and not have to be taught by mom as well as those who struggle to stay organized an on task. They can work on their own time and the reminders in the video keep them on task. 

Homeschool, online writing course for teens

More Reasons to Use WriteShop

  • Includes editing instruction and checklists for the student and parent
  • Covers a variety of writing types
  • Four day flexible schedule

With videos for all the parts, from the initial lesson all the way through the final draft, that leaves you with the job of helping edit and then grade their final writing. However, WriteShop emphasizes teaching them to edit their own work. They include a writing skills checklist for each project that the student can work through when doing their own editing. Then there is also a checklist for you to fill out before the final composition followed by a grading sheet. WriteShop also provides a section in the teacher's manual that gives lots of examples of positive comments you can use if you struggle with finding alternatives to "good job."

WriteShop helps teens and parents edit writing

Of course, if you opt not to utilize the videos, the teacher's manual also includes full lesson plans as well as the editing help. 

Until now, my kids have focused mainly on basic descriptive essay writing. WriteShop I introduces a variety of writing styles including descriptive, informative, narrative, and persuasive writing. 

The suggested schedule for WriteShop is a 4-day schedule in which each project takes 2 weeks. However, they have included an accelerated schedule for more advanced students who want to complete both WriteShop I and II in a single year. I think this would be a great option for high schoolers! I also, like the fact that it tells you in the schedule what you as the teacher should be concentrating on each day of the writing process as well. 

WriteShop works on a flexible 4 day schedule

What to Know Before Starting WriteShop I

Before purchasing WriteShop I be aware that the video instruction is online only, so you have to be sure you have a good internet connection. This won't be a problem for most people, but I want to mention it anyhow. 

Also, this is strictly a writing program. There is an optional book that includes dictation passages if those are desired, but grammar, vocabulary, spelling, basically no other aspect of language arts in part of this. Of course, writing does encompass all of those, but there is not specific instruction for them. You will have to add the parts you desire your child to work on. 

Writeshop I is intended for teens, so 7th grade and up, but they do offer a variety of curriculum for younger ages starting in kindergarten. They also offer WriteShop II to expand on what your teens learn in WriteShop I; plus you use the same teacher's manual, so all you need is a new student book.

Be sure to check out the full range of WriteShop products for your homeschool!

WriteShop offers online, video instruction which makes writing palatable for independent homeschool teens and parents!

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