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Literature Based Modern History Curriculum to Increase Connection with Your Kids

Literature Based Modern History Curriculum to Increase Connection with Your Kids

I was compensated for my time and provided with a copy of this curriculum for review purposes, but all opinions expressed are my own.

Have you noticed that most modern history curricula stops way before actual modern history? I mean it is impossible to stay completely up to date because history just keeps on happening, but I was pleased to find this Modern American and World History Curriculum from Beautiful Feet Books which includes resources all the way to 2009!

Increase connection with your kids through this engaging Literature-Based Modern History Curriculum from Beautiful Feet Books.

Like all Beautiful Feet Curricula, this one follows a Charlotte Mason style depending on living books rather than textbooks for instruction. Living books engage kids and ignite wonder for learning. This increased interest leads to better retention of the information learned as well. 

This increased engagement is great for students who aren't particularly geared toward a particular subject too (in this case history.)

The use of lots of great living books is just one reason to love Beautiful Feet Modern American and World History, but there are plenty of others as well. 

Reasons to Love Beautiful Feet Modern History

  • Read and discuss prior to writing
  • Vocabulary 
  • Additional sources referenced
  • Downloadable picture pack
  • 36 week school year with just 3-4 lessons a week
  • There is a timeline

The assignments also follow the read, reason, relate, record order where the child first reads, then reasons the answers to the given questions, then instead of writing their answer they first discuss the question with their teacher (parent), and finally they form a written answer.

This read, reason, relate, and record method gives students a chance to form their own ideas, but also to discuss them and reformulate them prior to giving a final answer. It can enhance understanding and bring up thoughts they may not have previously considered plus create a shared experience between you and your kids (more on this later.) 

This modern American and world history curriculum contains loads of beautiful books, so that also means a lot of new words for your intermediate students to learn. That is why it is great that new vocabulary is introduced prior to reading the chapters for that day. Students can then read and understand without having to stop and look up words or just skipping it. 

Not only is new vocabulary introduced prior to the lesson, but resources for further study are given after it should your child want to delve deeper into a given topic. 

There are also a picture pack available for free to accompany the curriculum.

The Beautiful Feet Modern American and World History Curriculum is low prep. It is all planned out for you over the course of 36 weeks doing 3-4 lessons a week. That means a 4 day school week or finishing earlier in the year! 

Ok, so the timeline thing probably really just excites me and my kids. We have tried over and over to make timelines, but we never stick with it. Having it in the curriculum will keep us on track! 

Who May Not Want to Utilize this Curriculum

The only way I can see this curriculum going poorly is if you have a child who struggles with or despises reading. The quantity of literature included would make this a fight if your student won't willingly read it. That being said, most families who use the Charlotte Mason method won't have this problem since students will be used to reading large quantities of books.

Even my bookworm was amazed by the number of books, but she had no trouble finding one that interested her. 

Of course, reading to your kids is always a possibility too if you find yourself with a reluctant reader. 

An Added Bonus from the Charlotte Mason Approach

While we don't strictly adhere to the Charlotte Mason approach, we do read stacks and stacks of books! Even with teens, I still read aloud to them, and they don't complain, so it must be enjoyable. 

Reading with kids strengthens your relationship with them. It allows you to discuss a variety of topics and provides a shared experience that bonds people. When you experience something, you feel closer to the people shared it. This is true even of teenagers. 

Increase connection with your kids through this engaging Literature-Based Modern History Curriculum from Beautiful Feet Books.

Beautiful Feet Books knows the value of reading with your kids whether one of you is reading aloud, or you are both reading separately and then coming together to discuss.  That is one reason they offer a handy guide to knowing which books are good to share with your kids; you an grab it free HERE!

So read to your kids and with your kids starting with a great literature-based history curriculum from Beautiful Feet Books. You can also get a chance to win $100 shopping spree to Beautiful Feet by entering their giveaway below. There will be 10 winners, so be sure to enter now!

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