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Addition and Counting Kit to Increase Math Fluency

Addition and Counting Kit to Increase Math Fluency
I was given the addition math kit for review purposes and compensated for my time; all opinions expressed are my own.

Most kids hate memorizing math facts. It just isn't a super fun thing to do, and unlike a lot of subjects it isn't even interesting. Yet, basic math facts form a foundation for upper level math. You first have to be able to add before you can multiply, and you need to multiply before you can do algebra or geometry. 

Yes, understanding basics is the most important thing. Knowing how to find the answer, but even if you child knows that they can add 7 and 8 when they need to, it is much faster, and less frustrating, for them if they know these simple math problems automatically. 

As a homeschooling parent, you don't want to be the one going over flashcards over and over and over...you get the picture. So, sometimes you need another option. An option the kids can work through on their own would be ideal too. Enter Page A Day Math.

Addition Math Fact Kit by Page A Day Math

What is Page A Day Math?

Page A Day Math is a supplement to you regular math curriculum that focuses on learning math facts. It can also be used as a full math-fact fluency curriculum. 

Page A Day Addition and Counting Kit

Kits are available for Pre-K Math, Addition, Subtraction, Multiplication, and Division.

Each kit consists of 10 workbooks in a cute little box that each include 14 days of work. Having a smaller amount of pages in each workbook keeps the kids from being intimidated by the work. 

As an added bonus, this math curriculum has fun little cartoon doggies (the math squad) as mascots! They appear on and in the workbooks telling kids fun trivia, silly jokes, and why math is important. They may not mean a lot to us adults, but they certainly increase the interest of the kids when it looks fun!

How Can Page A Day Math Increase Math Fluency

I say that Page A Day focuses on learning math facts rather than memorizing math facts because it actually shows how each problem if done and then the kids practice doing problems.

Each day is spent doing one page front and back. These pages usually introduce a single new problem which is emphasized, but other problems are thrown in for review. 

Kindergartner ready to work on addition skills with Page A Day Math

Since kids have to watch out for review problems (sneaky problems as my 5-year-old was calling them), they can't just immediately write the answer and move on. They actually have to stop, look at the problem, and then solve it. 

Kindergartner practicing addition math facts with Page A Day Math

In other words, they have to engage with the material. If I have a sheet with the same problem written 10 times, I will learn really quick the answer is always the same, but by mixing in review problems Page A Day Math avoids that, but yet the kids are still getting a ton of practice which will lead to that automatic knowledge we know as fluency. Just like in reading. once you can read with out stopping to sound out a word you are considered fluent, yet when you come to an unfamiliar word you can reasonably sound it out with little trouble because you applied your previous knowledge to the new word automatically.  

The result, the kids are actively learning the math facts at a slow pace that is easy to keep up with. Just one new problem a day! At the end of the curriculum, your child will not only have memorized all the common math facts for which ever function you were working through addition, subtraction, multiplication, or division, but because they were engaged with the material, they will be able to apply that information to more complex math problems. 

In other words, they will be fluent in that math function.

What Benefits Come From Using Page A Day Math

Children who use Page A Day Math should come through it with whichever math facts they are working on memorized. There is more then enough repetition that math facts for the given function will become automatic without them realizing it is happening. 

Page A Day Math Addition Page includes number writing practice.

Not only do you get lots of math practice to supplement your regular math work, but it also encourages loads of math handwriting. I don't know about your kids, but backwards 4s, 5s, and 9s have been a regular occurrence here. Since Page A Day Math has the kids copy each number every time, they get a lot of number writing practice to help clear up number reversals. The also have some handwriting workbooks in either print or cursive!

That's right, math fluency and number writing in a single Page A Day!

Who Shouldn't Use Page A Day Math

If you have a child that memorizes things quickly, Page A Day could become frustrating to them because of the amount of repetition included.

Really that is the only thing I think kids might complain about, but it is literally one page a day, so even workbook hating kids can handle it

All kids need math fluency, and Page A Day Math is a very gentle approach to getting there. Plus it appears to be squirrely approved!  

Happy kindergarten homeschooler learning addition with Page A Day Math

From now through July 2020, pick any and all curriculum you want from Page A Day Math and use the code mathsuccess15 and receive 15% off your order.

Page A Day is also giving away one PreK, Addition, or Multiplication Kit! Giveaway open to US residents over the age of 18. Be sure to enter below for your chance to win!

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