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Simple, No-Fuss Pokemon Party for Kids

Simple, No-Fuss Pokemon Party for Kids

Who else has kids obsessed with pokemon; you know the ones that can name all the pokemon and what pokemon the come from and go to, etc, etc? If so you either have already had or will have a Pokemon Party! 

Luckily there are a lot of ideas that you can totally DIY!

Pokemon Themed Party Decorations

Because we also play Pokemon Go (yeah, we are nerds like that in this house), my son is well-versed in the teams, so we went with a primary color theme. Blue, red, and yellow streamers adorned the house.

And team pennants! If anyone is wondering 4 of us are Mystic and 2 are Valor, told you nerds. I found these cute pennants and other printables for free here.

Surprisingly, I found a ton of free printables to use! I also made an adorable poke ball Happy Birthday banner but somehow didn't get a picture. I found those here.

Another printable I used were these birthday pikachus! They were meant for a banner, but I just taped them up on the piano. You can print yours here.

We had some blue and yellow pokemon balloons floating around too! And of course, POKEMON! We gathered all the stuffed pokemon and left them all over the house. You can't have a pokemon party without some pokemon!

Pokemon Themed Party Food

Food was pretty easy too! Simple food, simple decorations, simple party! We started with some snacky foods. We had a fruit pokeball made with bananas, strawberries and raspberries, and blackberries. We also had a meat and cheese pokeball that included beef sausage and turkey pepperoni along with Munster and pepper jack cheeses and olives!

To accompany the meat and cheese pokeball we had crackers (Eevee treats). Had to include some Bulbasaur veggies too.

Of course once I threw in Bulbasaur, I needed all the generation 1 starters, so we had Charmander flames in both puffed and crunchy.

Some Pikachu shocks, and for Squitle....

...I labelled our ice Squirtle spit. This was mainly for my husband because he found it hilarious.

If you too want some Squirtle spit, you can download my food labels here.

Pokemon Cupcake Cakes

The cake is always the centerpiece of the party right? Even an amateur cake decorator like me can handle these cupcake cakes! I made an iconic pikachu out of white cupcakes, and an eevee out of chocolate. All the details were made from little packs of store bought fondant (I used these tiny packs: 1 black, 1 white, and 1 red)!

For candles we chose a number 8 sparkler because as I said my son loves pokemon and thought it was fitting for pikachu.

Pokemon Party Hunt (aka Favors)

For favors we decided to send the kids out on a pokemon hunt. For this we needed pokemon and pokeballs. We purchased these little pokemon figures (I'm sure they are knock-offs, but for the price, they make good party favors.) Then we bought little vending machine capsules that most of the pokemon fit in. We decided to keep the bigger pokemon back for kids who didn't find as many!

We hid them all over the yard like an Easter egg hunt, and turned the kids loose.

I think their favorite part was opening all those little balls to see what they found and then trading them!

Even though this was a pretty simple, no-fuss pokemon party, the kids had a great time including my little pokemon fanatics!

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