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How to Host a Practical and Playful Unikitty Party

How to Host a Practical and Playful Unikitty Party
"Any idea is a good idea except the not happy ones." declares Princess Unikitty in The Lego Movie, so that must mean our recent Unikitty themed party was a great idea! I know my daughter thought so.

I originally had some doubts though. I mean a whole party based upon a random Lego character? My persistent preschooler wasn't deterred though. And despite my original doubts about the theme, this Unikitty party turned out pretty fun and super cute.

Unikitty Party Decorations

My inspiration for party decorations were the colors of Princess UniKitty and the clouds of Cloud Cuckoo Land, so we had white pom poms and pink, blue, and yellow streamers throughout the house.

I also found little Unikitty flags and cupcake toppers for free here, so we used some of those throughout the house too.

There was no way I was getting out of having balloons either. In fact, my little one had already chosen confetti filled balloons!

Of course I couldn't have a Unikitty party without Princess Unikitty! We found several little blind bag Unikitty and Unipuppy Lego figures that we sat around the tables.

Unikitty Party Food

I hunted for decent party food in The Lego Movie, but there is only so many hot dogs, chicken legs, and croissants one person needs. Instead I went more playful with chocolate fondue and a pink chocolate fountain. Yep, pink!

The pink chocolate fountain was filled using pink candy melts and vegetable oil to keep it flowing. The chocolate fondue was just you basic yet delectable chocolate fondue.

Of course we also had loads of goodies to dip in the fondue and the chocolate fountain including fruit, homemade marshmallows, pretzels, gummy bears, angel food cake bites, and graham crackers.

I found a fun rainbow punch recipe to use too. 

For the cake we had a selection. The birthday girl went non-traditional with a 3 layer cookie cake (Which I have no picture of because my hard drive failed; yep, not happy,) And just for some added fun, I baked some cupcakes for the kids to decorate with loads of icing and sprinkles!

UniKitty Themed Activities

My kids may have mentioned party games like pin the horn on Unikitty, and I may have ignored them. I knew they would find plenty to do on their own, and they did especially with the cupcakes to decorate and the balloons. Because all kids love hitting a balloon around, and how much better when one pops on the ceiling sending confetti fluttering down all around.

I also found numerous Princess Unikitty coloring pages that I had available for the kids (and adults).

I was tempted to grab some more Lego Unikitty blind bags for favors, but I resisted knowing a lot of the guests weren't nearly as into Princess Unikitty as my little one. Plus my dislike of favors, but they sure would have been cute ones.

Unikitty Themed Thank You Cards

I may not like favors as little thank you gifts, but I am a huge believer in thank you notes. Needless to say, Unikitty themed thank you cards are in short supply, so I whipped one up for all my readers. Feel free to download below.
My littlest Lego lover bounced and danced her way through Cloud Cuckoo Land with no regrets; she loved this practical yet playful Unikitty Party!

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