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Irresistible Fun with a Snow Storm Sticky Mural

Irresistible Fun with a Snow Storm Sticky Mural
It's winter. It's cold. Unless there is snow no one seems to want to play outside. So you end up with kids who want something (other than school work) to do.

So how do you keep a kid busy inside in the winter? 

Well, we were able to get all the kids involved with this Sticky Snow Storm Mural!

Sticky Snow Storm Mural Supplies

How to Prepare for a Snow Storm Sticky Mural

We decided to make our mural on the glass door, so we could see the outside behind. If you have a colored wall it would work there too. 

We unrolled some contact paper and taped it to the door with sticky side out. 

While I was working on hanging up the contact paper, which is harder then you might think because it is sticky, the kids were making snowflakes out of coffee filters.

These coffee filters are similar in size to a cupcake wrapper, so they are great for little snowflakes, You cannot put a lot of detail into them though; at least not very easily.

Just fold them in half 3 times or so and cut random shapes like you would if you made large snowflakes.

The older kids loved this! Obviously I am depriving them of simple crafts when my son asked 3 times where I learned to do this. They just kept cutting!

Once we had a few, I let the preschooler start sticking them on the contact paper.

I also gave her a partial bag of cotton balls to add to the blizzard.

The two older kids kept right on cutting, so amused by the designs they could make, but the 7-year-old decided he needed to stick some on too.

And he discovered you could throw the cotton balls at the contact paper and still have them stick! Which he was quick to show his little sister.

The cotton ball throwing continued until they ran out. Now they were left with snowflake the girls had continued to cut out.

But it wasn't enough. These kids couldn't stop with the cotton balls they had and the never ending snowflakes. They wanted to do it again!

So what did they do? Yep, they starting taking cotton balls off.

To them, this was the most amazing part of the entire sticky mural!

You see, when they pulled a cotton ball off, it left a little cotton behind. Now they had a nice soft area and a cotton ball they could stick somewhere else.

So all the cotton balls came off, then got stuck on, then came off again and again and again. The little snow storm sticky mural was turning into an indoor blizzard!

And by the time it was finished, it was definitely a blizzard as you could barely see through our clear contact paper!

This indoor snow activity was a hit with all my kids! I have a feeling the second half of my door will soon be covered with another snow storm sticky mural.

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