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Encourage Kids to Dream with Amazing Scientists; plus free color pages

Encourage Kids to Dream with Amazing Scientists; plus free color pages

We introduce kids to so many scientists during their education; most of them long gone. Why not introduce them to some incredible scientists that are a bit more recent too. Especially those who are not exactly what we picture when we think of a scientist, and those who have endured adversity and come out shining on the other side.

These scientist's stories are encouraging for kids from disadvantaged backgrounds, kids who don't always fit in, kids who are a minority, kids who love science, kids who love underdog stories, kids who love biographies, or kids who just love people. Basically, these are wonderful for kids and adults too!

Printable Amazing Scientist Coloring Pages

And The Innovation Press has a book series that fits that perfectly. Currently there are three books in the series, and they all cover some amazing scientists. The three books right now are about Raye Montague, Temple Grandin, and Patricia Bath. All these women had their own difficulties to get through to make their impact on the world, but they did. They are amazing role models for all kids!

Raye Montague

A naval engineer; in fact she is credited with being the first to create a computer generated draft of a ship. The Girl with a Mind for Math talks about her life and the hardships she endured by being both a female in a male dominated business and being black in a segregated world. Her accomplishments are amazing! 

At the time the book was written Ms. Montague was still alive, and she provided a little note included at the end of the book to encourage readers. 

In fact all the books so far have such a note from the book's subject which is a wonderful touch!

Temple Grandin

Famed for her work in animal science especially as an autistic person. The Girl Who Thought in Pictures shows how having a brain that works differently than the majority of the world allowed her able to be successful in the animal industry.  

Ms. Grandin is still living, and I believe still making appearances. She is a voice for kids living with autism as well as a voice for animals who have none.

Check out our animal emotion post that goes with this book as well! 

Patricia Bath

So many firsts in this doctor's repertoire. The Doctor with an Eye for Eyes shows that adversity cannot stop your dreams if you are willing to put in the extra effort to overcome it. Even if you start at a disadvantage you can help the world!

Ms. Bath truly came from humble beginnings, accomplished a great deal, and continues to give back to the world through her work.

All biographies are great for kids to read, but this particular series shares amazing stories of overcoming hardships to achieve more then you ever thought possible. Plus they are more modern. They show that even today great things can be done by those who try. These are lessons all kids need to hear!

I hope this encouraging series continues, and I cannot wait to see which Amazing Scientist is covered next. 

I have created some color pages featuring illustrations for the Amazing Scientists series as well as quotes from the book. Please download and use them to encourage your kids, your students, and yourself! 

Encouraging Color Pages based on Amazing Scientists

Download Encouraging Color Pages of Amazing Scientists Below!

Amazing Scientists Coloring Pages

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