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How to Throw a Surprisingly Simple Green Ember Themed Party

How to Throw a Surprisingly Simple Green Ember Themed Party
A couple years ago we first listened to The Green Ember on our 6 hour drive to Thanksgiving and my then 5-year-old sucked it all in.

And as new ones came out, we listened to those too.

He was enthralled with them all. Rabbits, Swords, Defeating Evil, what's not to love.

And as soon as we got the most recent book, Ember Rising, he declared he would have a Green Ember Birthday Party!

Now I love books, and I love book themed parties, but I really was trying to go smaller this year. Smaller is a problem for me when it comes to books.

I was able to simplify a bit by combining the party for my son and my daughter, who was quick to agree to the theme. She actually found it fitting since she is older and decided she could be Heather and he could be Picket. Even my second daughter loved the idea because it allowed her to wander around singing the Picket Pack Slayer song over and over (listen to the Ember Rising audio for that one).

Green Ember Themed Fun

When the kids got there I asked if they wanted rabbit ears which I quickly cut out of paper in the color they requested. If I had been a bit more prepared I would have grabbed a template like this and had them printed out ahead of time.

Then the younglings were invited to color pictures with marker and have them turned into "stained glass" with cooking spray. The spray makes the paper translucent, so the light can shine through.

A few did color pictures, but I found the adults seemed to enjoy the coloring the most!

What the kids really loved was practicing with their swords before going into battle with Morbin Blackhawk, our pinata. 

He started as a parrot because I couldn't find a way to turn a flamingo into a raptor. Apparently, bird pinatas aren't too popular. I extended his wings and tail with some cardboard just to make him more menacing, took off the eyes, and then spray painted the whole thing black. Then I just glued the eyes back on, and he was ready to go.

It was pretty funny to watch my additions fall off to reveal the colorful parrot beneath!

Easy Green Ember Themed Food

I tried to keep food fairly simple, and that was easy to do by choosing things a rabbit might eat.

  • various berries
  • veggies
  • nuts
  • pretzel "sticks"
We didn't decorate much for the party, but you can see our little "green ember" stones on the table with the food.

Our soft fruits and veggies were made a little extra fun with the inclusion of sword picks! Our little rabbits needed some more swords after all.

We had several cake options too. I made rabbit cakes, similar to my previous pony cakes, based on the Green Ember characters, Heather and Picket. Heather was a white cake with white icing, and Picket was a chocolate cake with chocolate icing. Their ears were made of marshmallow fondant.

I also made some carrot cupcakes with cream cheese frosting and little "carrots." Really the carrots were strawberries covered with orange candy melts.

Simple Green Ember Themed Party Favors

The favors were so simple for this party. We used some craft sticks (courtesy of CraftProjectIdeas.com), hot glue, and ribbon to make throwing stars similar to what Heather and Picket may have used for their Star Seek Game.

Some were natural wood color with red ribbons like they used in the book, but we also got creative with colors.

We also had these fun swords we let the kids take home (you could make your own with pool noodles too), and of course any pictures they colored and pinata candy.

The simplicity of this Green Ember Themed Party was just what we needed in the middle of a busy time, yet it was still full of adventure for the kids!

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