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Support Active Play with Gymboree, Kiwi Crate and KaBoom!

Support Active Play with Gymboree, Kiwi Crate and KaBoom!

I would like to think by now we all know how much play matters to kids. Play is not just about having a good time. It is about learning and exercising; active play helps kids by improving physical development as well as social and emotional development. If you would like more information about why play matters visit education.com

Gymboree and Kiwi Crate have teamed up in support of KaBoom!, an organization dedicated to bringing play back to American children, especially those living in poverty.  Through May 31st a portion of the proceeds from Gymboree's new Hop 'n' Roll Play Wear goes to benefit KaBoom! And for a limited time Kiwi Crate is offering this special mini-crate for $5 (a great deal), and all the proceeds go to KaBoom!

My kids had a great time with their mini-crate! It came with materials to make 2 wind cars as well as an informative book on wind power (they are still re-reading the book)!

My girls were super excited about putting together their cars. It was so simple they could do it without help; I was just there taking pictures. It was so nice to just be able to pull everything we needed out of the box and go!

Once they were assembled they had to race them immediately! Wind car races were pretty much how the rest of our afternoon went. Races in the dining room, races in the basement, and if the rain would have stopped, races outside. I am sure the cars will make it out there soon!

Also included in the mini-crate are some cute paper dolls featuring Gymboree's new Hop 'n' Roll line. These are some cute clothes! My oldest is already eyeing the cat shirt that came with the paper doll!

Once we had them all cut out and dressed, the girls decided it would be fun for the dolls to ride on the wind cars! This actually taught them even more about wind power because when the wind was too strong the dolls fell over; they had to learn to control the wind power. I love how they can teach themselves through simple play!

You can support KaBoom! and their mission to bring play back to American kids by shopping Gymboree's new Hop 'n' Roll line through May 31st and by purchasing a limited edition mini Kiwi Crate for the kids in your life! 

And remember to get out and play! 

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