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15+ Glow Stick Activities for Summer Fun

15+ Glow Stick Activities for Summer Fun

Who doesn't love glow sticks?! Summertime is the perfect time to add some glow to your fun! 

So what all can you do with glow sticks?

Fun Glow Stick Games

Feels Like Home has a great Glowing Ring Toss Game!

Coffee Cups and Crayons played a Glowing Game of Tic Tac Toe!

Feels Like Home played Hide and Seek with their glow sticks!

While Edubirdie created a Glow in the Dark Game of Bowling!

Use Glow Sticks for Musical Fun

And Next Comes L made a Glowing Floor Piano for some musical fun!

Happily Ever Mom also created some great Glowing Musical Instruments!

Crayon Freckles through a Glow in the Dark Dance Party!

How About Mixing Glow Sticks with Liquid

Meaningful Mama threw some Glow Sticks in the Bathtub!

A Mom with a Lesson Plan went even bigger with Glow Sticks in the Pool!

Come Together Kids enjoyed some Glow in the Darks Drinks!

We created our own Glow Stick Water Blob!

Create Temporary Art with Glow Sticks

Housing a Forest did some Glow Stick Ice Painting!

Reading Confetti created some Glow I'm the Dark Fireflies!

Play Trains created Glowing Train Tracks!

Sow Sprout Play explored Glow Sticks on a Mirror!

Add Some Extra Sensory Fun with Glow Sticks

The Pleasantest Things created this Glow in the Dark Sensory Bag!

Happily Ever Mom had fun with these Glowing Egg Shakers!

Or Just Enjoy the Happy Glowing Light

Kids Activities Blog had fun with Glowing Balloons!

Adventures of Adam even found fun ways to play with Glow Sticks and a 20 month old!

No matter how you decide to play with them, glow sticks are a lot of fun! 


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