DIY Pattern Paint Roller

16 March

These Paint Pattern Rollers were supposed to be a project for our homeschool art class, but it kept getting cancelled due to weather and illness, so we went ahead and finished it at home. We started by hot gluing various yarns in various shapes around the outside of a juice can. My girls wanted different types of yarn too, so we could see the different textures they made.

Once the cans were cooled off, I gave the girls each a plate and allowed them to choose three colors of paint. We could have just done single colors, but this made it even more interesting! Just make sure you roll the same side in the same color unless you want to experiment with color mixing!

Once your paint is ready you roll your juice can in it and then roll it on the paper. Easy Peasy!

As you can see, the yarn on the roller creates a pattern. Longer paper would have given us even longer patterns!

The girls were pretty happy with their final creations.  They made several others on different colors of paper too. We didn't try different paint colors though. I'm not sure if the rollers would wash well enough to switch colors or use again or not; we just tossed ours. 

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