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Current Favorite iPad Apps (from a 4, 3, and almost 1 year old)

Current Favorite iPad Apps (from a 4, 3, and almost 1 year old)
     We are pretty new to the iPad scene, but it didn't take any time at all for the girls to figure out how to use it.  Of course I was leery of them using it a lot at first because of the no screen under the age of 2 recommendation, but then I found this initial information: What Happens When a Toddler Zones Out With an iPad. Very interesting. So now I don't worry as much, but I still don't let them use it non-stop! They do love it, and actually They (and Eli) actually have more apps then I do.  So much for it being my iPad!  It really is amazing the variety of apps available to children of all ages.  I just wanted to list the current top ten used by my kids.

1) Bob Books Reading Magic (sets 1 and 2)- $1.99 each- I had looked into these books when I started working on reading with the girls. Glad I found the apps instead! The girls love the interactive aspect!

2) Little Writer - the tracing app for kids- free- There are other good writing apps out there; actually I purchased one before finding this free one. The girls prefer the free one, and it includes numbers too!

3) Timmy's Kindergarten Adventure- currently on sale for $1.99 (not sure how long that will last)- You make your own player for each person, and the game customizes the content for each players skill level.  The girls really enjoy earning coins for completing levels.

4) Rocket Speller- free- This is really geared for a little older kid (one that needs to know how to spell), but the girls love building the rockets! I suppose it is never to early to learn spelling.

5) Motion Math: Hungry Fish- free- The hungry fish eats specific numbers, so you have to add numbers together to get the one the fish eats.  It has subtraction as well for a small price.  Right now we don't do too great after the number 4, so that will be in the future.

6) Read Me Stories- free- You can get 1 free book in several collections for free, and if you like it you can buy the whole collection for $1.99 (per collection).  The girls like it because it will read to them, and some of the books have interactive aspects where you click on characters.

7) Alpha Baby- free- This app is similar to BabySmash on the computer. You hit the screen and it brings up letters and says the letter name.  But it also can do numbers, shapes, and colors. Eli loves it! If you pay for the upgrade ($.99) you can add your own voice and pictures too!

8) Sound Brush- $1.99- Here you draw whatever you want  in up to 4 instruments and then play it!  It is fun to see what a drawing of a cat sounds like!

9) Lego 4+- free- Build a lego vehicle and collect coins to earn more pieces! Even with all the pieces unlocked the girls love it!

10) Talking Tom- free- Talk to Tom and he repeats anything you say.  The girls are a little nervous about talking to him, but love to give him milk and hit him in the face. Eli thinks he is hilarious and laughs at him, which he repeats, so Eli laughs more.

      These are just the current favorites, and as I find more apps I am sure they will change. Actually one of the girls favorite apps is a pony making app that you apparently can no longer get. It has completely
disappeared from the app store!

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