Awesome Science: Remove an Eggshell, Shrink and Regrow the Egg

08 April

I had been wanting to do this experiment with the girls for some time, but for some reason I could never remember to start it on Tuesday (it takes a few days). We finally got it started this past week! Here is the link we used for instruction although we took it a little further:

Egg Vinegar

We started by placing a raw egg in 16 oz of vinegar to dissolve the shell. I asked the girls what would happen as we started to see bubbles forming on the egg. Bria said it would crack and something would come out of it; Nadia wasn't sure what would happen.

Egg Vinegar Dissolving Shell

Naked EggEgg No Shell

  The next morning the shell was gone!  They each got to hold the "naked" egg.

Coloring Naked Egg Osmosis

Naked Egg Colored
At that point we decided to change the egg colors through osmosis. The girls chose purple which has to be one of the hardest colors to make with water, but we tried. Into the purplish water the egg went. The water went into the egg changing it purplish.

Shrunken Naked Egg
 Then we decided to shrink the egg with corn syrup. This time all the water left the egg for the thicker corn syrup. It actually took over 24 hours to fully shrink, and I didn't get a picture of the completed egg, but you can probably appreciate the wrinkles in the picture I do have at around 12 hours.

     The girls each had to take pictures of the egg on my old camera because they saw me doing it.

Rehydrating Naked Egg osmosis
     After shrinking the egg, we decided to try re-hydrating it just to see if we could.  So back into water the egg went. And we got a cloudier version of our purple egg!

     At this point we couldn't think of much else to do to the egg, so we cut it open.  The yolk was intact, but the normal gooey egg white was replaced with a bluish tinted water. The girls thought it was pretty cool anyhow.

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