This is a gallery of the kids work. It is certainly not all inclusive, but it hits the highlights! If I have written a blog about the project a link is included, so the instructions can be found quickly!

How we display a lot of the art.

Glowing Magical Pictures

Dangling Beaded Hearts

Heart Footprint Canvas

 Paint Stirrer Snowmen

 Light Up Cardboard Roll Winter Village 

 Pine Cone Winter Fairies

 Tissue Paper Stained Glass Window 

Pegasus Marionette

DIY Paint Pattern Roller 

 Watercolor Resist Silhouettes

Frozen Foil Forest

 Sun Catcher Vases

 Kid Made Marbled Cards


Scratch and Sniff Jello Paint

Egg Carton Owls

Toilet Paper Roll Puppets

 Bottle "Glass" Sculpture

Sharpie Shirts and Hair Bows

 Pipe Cleaner Bubble Wands

Water Balloon Painting

 Foil Painting

Puffy Fireworks

Coffee Filter Peacocks

Pounded Flower Prints

Fingerprint Flower Magnets

Egg Carton Flowers

Eggshells and Air Dry Clay

Stained Glass Horses

Art from Trash

Splatter Painting

Woven Paper Heart Baskets

Our Body Maps

Paper Towel Roll Snowmen

Milkweed Babies

Footprint Turkeys

Fingerprint Noah's Ark

Watercolor Constellations

Hand Print Bats from Story Time

Tree of Good and Evil

Glittery Melted Crayon Fish

Coffee Filter Jellyfish

Melted Crayon Apples and Leaves

Fire Breathing Dragons

Pipe Cleaner Flower Rings

Car Painting

The Duckling Gets a Cookie

Sand Art Pictures

Don't Let the Pigeon Drive the Bus

Lions we made at story time.

Glass Sculptures

Spice Painting

 Stamping with peppers.

 One fish, two fish, red fish, blue fish with Eli's hands.

Our food group collages in the kitchen.

 Paper Towel Butterflies

Bria made this for me for mother's day; she says it is a picture of me.

 Coloring and cutting ponies out of a color book.

 Paintings from our Texture Walk.

Shaving Cream Painting

 Some projects we made at story time.  Foam magnets, paper plate monkeys and some coloring sheets.

Coffee filters and colored paper (Messy Messy).

Some of Bria's art over the last year (2012).

Bria's family; she is holding Eli.

David and Goliath (and Bria is the medium sized person).
Bria's zoo.

Bria's spider.  She was really happy with this one since she drew the spiders and then cut them out.

Some of Nadia's art over the past year (2012).

Nadia dreaming of unicorns.

  Our first experience with snow paint (shaving cream and glue).

 Foam turkeys the girls made with Grandma last fall.

 Ice Cube Painting

  Toilet paper tube butterflies.

  Our Melted Crayon Art.

The hand print season trees we made last fall.  Bria didn't want to dot with her Q-tip.

Bria's drawings of her first 2 imaginary friends Jonny and Dani.  They came around when she turned 3, and they were both 3 like her.

 Some dot art the girls made with grandma.

 These are paintings the girls made at the children's museum about 2 years ago.

A project the girls made for mother's day; their hands are the wings.

Bria's first project at church.