Learn about Animal Health with the Community Helper for V

16 June

Our Community Helper for V should come as no surprise....it's Veterinarian! The girls are quite familiar with veterinarians and being at a veterinary clinic; after all they have visited the one I work at many times and have been able to see all sorts of animals being worked on from dogs and cats to horses and monkeys!  Also we explored being a Kennel Worker for our K Community Helper!

Naturally I set up our own little pretend veterinary clinic using stuffed animals and our little doctors kit.  I threw in a little flashlight, syringe, empty eye drop bottle, nasal aspirator, and some toilet paper to use as bandages.

We started by learning how to do a complete exam just like their doctor does when they have a check up. Then we started seeing patients. I had set some in the waiting areas with little cards stating their problems.  

The girls each took turns doctoring the animals. They read the complaint on the card and then examined the animal.  Having the cards let them practice reading and adding some new vocabulary (apparently they didn't know what vomiting or limping meant).  We also discussed what parts of the body might be causing the problem stated on the card. Obviously we didn't go into a lot of detail, but they knew when they threw up their tummy was usually upset or when they were coughing or sneezing they were usually sick.

As they examined them they would state if whatever they were looking at was normal or not. Sometimes they decided things weren't normal eve if it didn't pertain to the problem. They especially liked to say their mouths were gross, and they needed their teeth brushed (which is pretty accurate for a lot for patients we see).

We had animals with colds, sore throats, broken bones, thorns in their feet, bugs in their ears, and one that ate a rock!  We had to send that one to surgery, but the others were fixed with medicine and bandages.

They kept adding more patients and playing on their own after we went through all the complaint cards.  I think in the end most of the selected stuffed animals ended up with toilet paper bandages! Bandages on legs, tails, and even around bodies! Guess they decided that was the best part!

We just set up a simple little clinic, but if you wanted to go into more detail I found some free printables you can use to set up your own clinic!

Mess for Less has a Office Visit Form you can print out.
Playdough to Plato has a Veterinarian Checklist as well as Name Tags to print.
Wildlife Fun 4 Kids has a printable Animal Record.
Learn Create Love made a Hospital Visit Form and an Adoption Record.

I bet if you give your local veterinarian a call they would be willing to give your kids a tour too if they are interested!

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