Indoor Fizzy Snow

06 March

This is totally not my idea, and I am not sure where it originated. Eli came home from story time with a little cup of this Indoor Snow. Grandma (who went to story time with Eli; i didn't send him alone or anything) told me it was some combination of baking soda and shaving cream and that the librarian said to just pour vinegar out once we were done playing.

Well there was no way a little cup was going to be enough! So I mixed up some more! I didn't measure anything just squirted in a bunch of shaving cream and stirred in baking soda until it was the consistency I wanted. I left it a little puffier then what we had from the library.

Eli started exploring it and quickly decided he needed to add some cars.

Then the girls got involved and brought some of their little ponies.

After a good hour of squishing and digging and burying (and spilling), I decided it was time to clean up. I gave them 4 containers of vinegar (in neon My Little Ponyish colors) along with eye droppers, syringes, and spoons.

They were amazed by the colorful foam they got when they added the vinegar! I really liked how much thicker the foam was with the addition of the shaving cream. It bubbled up and just stayed nice and foamy!

After all the vinegar was used I gave them a bowl of water to wash their toys. Surprisingly this was almost as much fun as foam!

At least this kind of snow is fun all year round! I am quite tired of the real stuff; bring on spring!

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